Recipe Book

Recipe Book Entries

Unknown-1We’re going head to head with Delia, Mary Berry, Jamie, and Gordon Ramsey (well maybe not Gordon, he gets a bit angry) and are going to make a recipe book next school year. If you have a favourite meal/snack, or one that’s special to your family, that you could share we want to hear from you. Your recipe will be published in a beautiful book, which we’ll be putting on sale.


Please help by submitting your recipes to me or via the school office by email to

Please provide the following information:


  • Specify if your recipe is a Snack, Meal, or Sweet Thing
  • Name of your recipe
  • List of ingredients with quantitiesimages
  • List the steps to follow to make the dish


And, if you want, these things too:


  • Any photos/illustrations you/your child would like to provide (of the dish or them enjoying it/steps to make it)
  • A short paragraph explaining why the recipe is special to you/your family


Your entries can be handwritten or typed, illustrated or just plain or just send me the list/photos etc. you have to be arranged on a page by us!