Lego Card Swap

School Council, with help from FoSS, have a plan to get as many children’s Sainsbury Lego Card Collections complete as possible.

At the FoSS Summer Fair (Friday 7th July after school) we will be giving away as prizes hundreds of unopened Lego Card packs and also have hundreds of cards for swapping.

Children wishing to swap Lego cards should bring an envelope in (either at the end of the fair to hand in to the Lego card swap table at the Fair or next week by Tuesday at the latest to the school office).
The envelope should have their name and class on the front and a list of the cards numbers they require. Inside the envelope they should deposit all the cards they are willing to swap to get their missing cards and write the total number of cards contained on the envelope also. See attached example envelope.

School council and a team of volunteers will order the envelopes (based on those who offered the most cards compared to the number of cards required first). From all the cards offered for swaps the envelopes will then be filled in that order with the cards requested if we have them. If we don’t have all the cards you wanted your envelope will be filled with those that we do have, plus a random pile for swapping equal to the number of cards you offered for swaps. The envelopes will then be returned to the children in their classrooms.