What We Do

In short, we raise money in support of Scarcroft School !  Here are some of the things the money we have raised has been used for:

School Year 2017-2018
Thanks to everyone how helped with our events and fundraising.  We managed to raise approximately £13,000

Here are the AGM Minutes 2018.

School Year 2016-2017
Thanks to all your support and efforts we raised approximately £13,900 (full details to follow at the October AGM) which covered our total pledges to school for the year (£8,611) and has enabled us to also agree to fund the teaching staff’s number one choice of extra resource – a charging trolley complete with 16 extra laptops, which will mean that instead of children having to share a PC in future ICT classes they now have the opportunity to work with a laptop each on their own individual projects. The funds raised this year have also paid for:

Rosie Rainbow Christmas Party – Dec
Science STEM Professor Brainstorm workshops – Jan
Farm animal visit to school – March
Mud Pie Arts drama workshop – April
Trip to Arboretum – July
Outdoor storage for play equipment
Den building resources for the outdoor classroom
Resources to make writing bags
Small world model trees

Castle Museum Trip – Autumn Term
Theatre Trip – Theatre Royal – Little Feet Theatre Festival – Spring Term
Birds of Prey Visit – Spring Term
Contribution to Bushbabies Trip – Summer Term
Phonic books inc Bug Club online resource

Murton Park Trips – Summer Term (this trip is usually charged to parents but is being completely funded by FoSS so that 2 other trips can be planned with the amounts usually asked for from parents including Tropical World in the Autumn Term and York Minster trip in the Spring Term)
Flowers for science
Christmas Play script and resources
Rainforest topic books
Curry ingredients
Spelling games

Yorkshire Museum Trip – Autumn Term
Mud Pie Arts writing workshops – Spring Term
Punctuation Show – Spring Term
Topic books and materials for science and engineering project
Prizes for various learning initiatives
SATs breakfasts

The pledges also include funding the continuation of the Reading Eggs programme for Reception and renewal of some missing resources for the Story Sacks and a shed for storage of EYFS toys. We also were able to fund First Aid classes in the Summer Term with age appropriate courses  provided in school time for every child in school.

Here are the AGM Minutes 2017.




Also funded – a cabinet for the defibrillator we previously bought for school, which is now properly installed in the lower hall.

Follow up on last years spending
We were very pleased to see the favourite (but decaying) playground boat replaced at the start of the school year with a brand new Longship design chosen by the School Council and paid for with some of last years fund raising including £560 from Costcutters on Bishopthorpe Road with their Local Pride campaign and £160 from Waitrose on Foss Islands Road. Many thanks to them and well done to all of you for the funding raised through the year.

Jim from Costcutters officially opening the new playground longship. (Photo - Lyndon Smith)

Jim from Costcutters officially opening the new playground longship. (Photo – Lyndon Smith)

The £1,000 pledged last year for books has provided 50 new dictionaries and 50 Thesauruses and subscription to the Bug Club reading programme to encourage more children to enjoy reading.

School Year 2015-2016
Thanks to all your support we raised £10,000 last school year, the breakdown is shown below.

The funds raised were spent as follows:

Animals in Tuition Minibeast workshop in school
Mud Pie Arts ‘Three Billy Goat’s Gruff’ workshop in school
Rosie Rainbow Christmas magic show for our Christmas party in school
Science workshops based on bubbles for STEM week in school
Contribution towards our forest schools trip to the Arboretum at Castle Howard

Visitor in school (in role) as part of the Fire of London topic
Trip to Bushbabies in Stamford Bridge (incl. coach travel)
Visit from the York Bird of Prey centre in school

Trip to Chocolate Story (88 children)
Chocolate and other food items to support baking for this topic
Coaches for trip to Murton Park

WWII Guided Tour of York
Transport for Trip to the North Yorkshire Moors
Transport for Yr6 Crucial Crew trip
Creative Science workshop in school
Visitor in school to run a Maths Day

£250 each for the 4 teaching groups for extra classroom resources (various items including Reception books, maths resources, Christmas play, topic related resources like rocks and salts and science experiments, English spelling board games, DT cooking ingredients, Yr6 breakfast club after SATs, contribution to Leavers books).
Reading Eggs programme for Reception
Replacement recorders for recorder club
DVD player and screen for After School Club
Transport to and from the North Yorkshire Cross Country Finals for the Scarcroft Team
Christmas Party Food for all the classes
Yr6 Leavers cakes
Scarcroft Team Sports Shirts thanks to a contribution from sponsors Bishy Rd Traders
Replacement playground boat – this was provided with FoSS funds and with help from Costcutters on Bishy Rd who generously chose Scarcroft as their Local Pride Partner and have raised an additional £500 for school and Waitrose on FoSS Islands who chose us as one of their Community Matters partners in June 2016 and donated £160!
£1,000 of new classroom reading books and dictionaries to be obtained soon by school

INCOME Profit/(Loss)
Christmas Fair £ 2,092.58
FoSS Christmas cards £ 320.41
Textile Recycling – Rag Bag £ 395.15
Envelope Collection £ 2,063.11
Ice Pops Sales £ 454.37
Summer fair £ 1,973.78
Book Sales £ 50.50
Corporate Sponsorship £ 380.00
Quiz Night £ 37.00
Jumble Sale £ 331.42
Stalls at other events £ 244.32
Junior Talent Night £ 467.10
Race Night £ 1,201.98
Admin/commissions £ -47.84
Summer Concert £ 24.74
FoSS Advertiser £ 18.10
Tote Bags £ -192.50
Advent Window Trail £ 39.25
Misc. £ 205.13

Total Income £ 10,058.60
Christmas Party/Gingerbread/Flapjack £ 152.10
Donations to school – see the list above of trips/resources £ 5,780.00
Leavers Cake £40.00

Total Outgoings £ 5,972.10

Net Increase/ (Decrease) in Funds £ 4,086.50
Pending Spending Pledged to School
Balance of Playground boat cost £ 1,500
 Dictionaries and Classroom reading books £ 1,000

Net Increase in pledges for teaching teams 2016/17

(equates to £400 extra per team)

£ 1,586.50


School Year 2014-2015
The final accounts were presented at the AGM on 15th October. We raised approximately £10,000 of which £6,000 was spent on items including external visitors providing shows and experiences for the children in school, a visit from children’s author Wes Magee on World Book Day, trips out, resources for fun classroom activities, improving the allotment, the new ball shooter for the playground, Hudl’s for each classroom to provide internet search for the help desks, a defibrillator for emergency use in school, Christmas tree, seasonal treats for the children including Christmas party food, eggs at Easter and flapjacks each term. Cash balances were increased by approximately £4,000 enabling us to offer each of the 4 teaching teams (Reception, Yr 1/2, Yr 3/4 and Yr5/6) a guaranteed £1,000 each that they can plan and commit to use during the year for lesson topics, trips or fun resources during 2015-6.

Minutes of the AGM are here AGM Minutes 2015

INCOME Profit/(Loss)
Christmas Fair £ 1,526.94
FoSS Christmas cards £ 351.58
Textile Recycling – Rag Bag £ 276.00
Envelope Collection £ 1,836.13
Ice Pops Sales £ 391.57
Summer fair £ 2,060.15
Book Sales £ 127.00
Picnic on Green £ (16.34)
Quiz Night £ 50.50
Boden Evening £ 686.35
Illuminations Stall £ 258.75
Junior Talent Night £ 469.23
Race Night £ 743.63
Admin/commissions £ 29.26
Summer Concert £ 71.45
Junior Play & Tombola £ 134.53
Calendar Sales £ 717.96
Advent Window Trail £ 59.53
Tour de Yorkshire £ 274.47

Total Income £ 10,048.69
Christmas Party/Easter/Gingerbread/Flapjack £ 187.44
Hudl2s & Cases £ 1,257.50
Defibrilator £ 452.78
Playground Ballshooter £ 1,118.05
Donation to General School Fund £ 1,000.00
Specialist Visitors in school £ 1,288.61
Allotment and play resources £ 410.93
Coaches for Astrocampus trip £ 190.00
Christmas Tree £ 309.64

Total Outgoings £ 6,214.95

Net Increase/ (Decrease) in Funds £ 3,833.74


School Year 2013-2014

Minutes of the 2013/4 AGM are here AGM Minutes 2014

INCOME Profit/(Loss)
Christmas Fair £ 775.10
FoSS Christmas cards £ 384.29
Textile Recycling – Rag Bag £ 243.20
Auction of Promises £ 2,868.41
Ice Pops Sales £ 739.32
Summer fair £ 1,193.66
Admin Expenses £ (20.00)
Misc expenses £ (42.50)
Jumble sale £ 310.88
Boden Evening £ 387.93
Easter colouring competition £ 34.60
Junior Talent Night £ 587.50
Wine Tasting Quiz £ 214.63
Efundraising online shopping commissions £ 137.53
Marathon Sweepstake £ 160.00
Advent Minimakers £ 62.05
Tea Towels Sales £ 591.00
Foss Advertiser £ 44.00
Tour de France lucky dip £ 11.94

Total Income £ 8,683.54
First aid courses Yr5/6 £ 300.00
Bike it breakfast £ 25.35
Donation for Joel from ice lolly sales – Leeds Paediatric Renal Ward and Children’s Transplant Team £ 185.00
Playground Chime Bars and wall painting £ 2,104.35
Donation to General School Fund £ 1,000.00
Purchase of Classroom Visualisers £ 2,000.00
Books for the Library £ 1,000.00
Coaches for School Trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park £ 1,370.00
Playground balls £ 267.73

Total Outgoings £ 8,252.43

Net Increase/ (Decrease) in Funds £ 431.11